Clinical Practice Guidelines for Physical Therapy - A Complete(ish) Collection

Finding all the physical therapy clinical practice guidelines is a massive pain. Believe me, I've tried. APTA tries to paywall all of them even though many are available free and open access, while others are distributed across the journals, making it really tough to get a hold of them all. This is really unfortunate, since CPGs form the baseline for PT practice. To help all PTs be better PTs, I'm working on collecting links to all the CPGs and putting them in one place so you can get easy access to them. These are all free, open access links below, grabbed right off the journal or academy website, as they should be. I recommend you download and save them somewhere on your computer in case these links change in the future.

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Here are the CPGs I've grabbed so far, mostly in PDF format

Lower Limb

Upper Limb

Axial Skeleton






Didn't see what you wanted? Don't worry! More are on the way! If there's a specific area you're looking for, shoot me an email at and I'll try to find it for you, or just fill in the form here:


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