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How Do I Access the Articles?

At PT CRAB, we lean toward Open Access articles as much as possible, to ensure our subscribers can read everything we send. When there are very high quality or compelling locked articles, we sometimes send those too. For those, here are some tips:

  • Install the UnPaywall extension. They harvest content from 50,000 publishers to find free articles, and coast along in the background to tell you if they're unlocked. You'll see a little green lock on the right side of your screen if there's a free version.
  • Pop over to ResearchGate, setup an account (it's really quick), and ask one of the researchers to send you a copy. I do this all the time and it's great! They often reply within a day or two.
  • Try seeking access through your old university or employer, they may subscribe to the journal. Some universities allow this for years (mine lasted 3!).
  • Shoot us an email! We may be able to guide you to a free copy that we couldn't link in the newsletter.


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