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Welcome back! If you're seeing this, you're a supporter of PT Crab by being a King Crab subscriber. Thanks! That mean's you're the shizz. It also means you have access to many things. Here's the breakdown.

Full Archive

King Crab supporters have access to every post PT Crab has ever posted. Here's where you can get the full list.


I've recently started a podcast version of PT Crab, called PT Crab audio edition. You should've already gotten an email with a subscription link, so check that out for your own, private link. If you can't find it, shoot me an email at That link works with almost every podcast player, but not with Spotify, jsyk. Here is how to add it to your current podcast player so it automatically downloads to your phone every Weednesday morning.

If you want to just listen on the website, head to any issue's page and check out the embedded player there.

All the References

Want to see the entire library of references I've used and will use for PT Crab? Head to my Zotero library. It has references for hundreds of papers that haven't yet been used in PT Crab and the four papers used in each edition over the last year. The full libary is here:

Zotero | Your personal research assistant

Personal Service

As a King Crab subscriber, you have special access to me. I invite supporters to email me with topic ideas, favorite papers, criticisms, and praise. You can reach me any time @LukeHollomon on Twitter and at

The Email

Last, but certainly most, is the email newsletter. This will be delivered to you automatically, every week. To make delivery as easy as possible, add as a contact in your favorite email app. That way, you'll be sure to get every edition first-thing and it'll never get trapped in Promotions or Spam.